About Us

Who Are We?

Vision Statement: Where we are going

Jesmond Park Uniting Church will be renowned in Newcastle as a congregation that freely offers God’s Hospitality as shown in Jesus the Christ.

Mission Statement: What we do to get there

As a community of faith in Jesus Christ, Jesmond Park Uniting Church will continue to develop inclusive values and practices. We will invite, encourage and enable neighbours to experience the generosity of God’s welcoming love.

Where we came from

Lambton, Jesmond and Waratah Uniting Churches combined in 1998 to form Jesmond Park Uniting Church. A new purpose built church opened in 2008 to provide a large worship space, meeting rooms and break out/casual spaces.  It also serves as a space for the local community who had no accessible large buildings at that time.

So what do people say?

  • “It sure is noisy sometimes, but it’s great” (from a 70-something-year-old)
  • “I haven’t been to church before and that was much better than I expected” (at a baptism service)
  • “Thank you for my warm winter clothes and blankets”
  • “Hospitality is generous.”
  • “What do you mean we are going to the park for worship?”
  • “Does anyone know if there will be any singers today?”
  • “You were right, they really are a very welcoming group of people”  (a visiting worship leader)

As a result of our vision for offering God’s hospitality into the community we have made adjustments in small areas and introduced new initiatives such as:

  • Understanding why everyone is invited to participate in the body of Christ.
  • Prioritising parking for elderly members and parents with small children;
  • A new youth group;
  • HELP (Homework and English Literacy Program) was already in place but we have recently added Cheap Chewsday; Cheap meals for University Students.

We enjoy worship, we enjoy sharing with others for support, friendship and fun.We long to be God’s faithful people, to be as inclusive of friends we haven’t met yet, as God is of us.